Academic Teams

Academic teams are a unique part of the middle school experience. They give students the opportunity to grow physically and mature academically under the caring and watchful eyes of not just one teacher, as in the elementary school experience, but under the professional eyes of a team of several teachers. Other elements of the teaming experience include the following: 

  • Teaming gives students and teachers the feeling of belonging to a small group that has common goals and whose members are supportive of each other.
  • Teaming consists of a common group of students who are assigned to a common group of teachers who share a common planning time every other day.
  • Teaming holds the instructional program together on a day-to-day operational basis. It is not the elimination of departments. Departments assure there is a consistency in the curriculum.
  • Teaming results in a more productive classroom/school environment. It has a potential for dealing with effective areas (human relations, responsibility, citizenship, etc.) in which middle school students have needs.

2022–2023 Sixth Grade Academic Teams

Trey Fennell - ELA
Jeanine Mitchell* - Math
Mackenzie Boyer - Social Studies
Kelly Ackermann - Science
Samantha Cancro - Science
Jennifer Crockett - Science

Tina Spain* - ELA
Kathleen Boyle - Math
Jennifer Crockett - Science
Mackenzie Boyer - Social Studies
Scott Rowe - Social Studies

Melinda Hinkle - ELA

Julie Peck* - Math
Joe Gorman - Social Studies
Ann-Catherine Jensen - Science
Katie Pegram - ELA
Erin Massimini - Math
Samantha Cancro - Science
Charles Hudson - Social Studies
Scott Rowe - Social Studies

2022–2023 Seventh Grade Academic Teams

Aarica Kelly - ELA
Jessica Pegram* - Math

Lexi Mulcahey - Social Studies
Cierra Collier - Science 
Katie Pegram - ELA
Erin Massimini - Math 

Victoria Shakespeare - ELA
Maria Finkle* - Math
Charles Hudson - Social Studies
Emma Schneider - Science

Kirsten Corcoran* - ELA
Gloria Thompson - Math
Elaine Seay - Science
Blake Rush - Social Studies
Charles Hudson - Social Studies

2022–2023 Eighth Grade Academic Teams

Kimberlee Letourneau - ELA
Karla Baucom - Math
Jared Peterson - ELA
Rebecca Parham* - Math
Michael Diebold - Social Studies
Kelly Ackermann - Science

Sarah Takitch - ELA 
Michelle Johnson* - Math 
Jeff Arco - Social Studies
Bennett Radinovic - Science

Susan Fox* - ELA 
Ashley Sheridan - Math

Blake Rush - Social Studies
Kori Kapataidakis - Science

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