6th Grade

Students playing checkers

Animal Lovers

Do you like to cheer people up or do kind things for others? This is the club for you! We will work each month to creatively focus on making people happy and feel good about themselves here at Bell Creek and in our community. Come out and help us make someone's day!

Anime Drawing

Do you love to draw Anime or comics? Are you interested in learning how to? Would you like to share your expertise with others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the club for you! No experience is necessary; bring your enthusiasm and any drawing supplies you may have.

Art Guild*

The Art Guild is reserved for students currently identified as "Art GT" (gifted in visual arts) or students who are considering applying for Art GT. Art Guild will look at and discuss art and artists, as well as help you develop your own artistic portfolio. To become a member of this club, you must be a current Art GT student or receive an invitation from an art teacher.

Blue Curtain Productions (Drama Club)*

Blue Curtain Productions is for those students in the cast and crew of the BCMS fall play. Students will rehearse and prepare for the fall production and organize the spring BCMS talent show.

Book Club

Come join your peers to read and discuss a book of your choosing. No worksheets, written questions, or book reports to be done. We will simply read, share, and enjoy the wonderful world of reading!

Card Club

Are you a card shark? Do you enjoy learning new card games? We encourage students to share various card games with other group members. The only requirement to join is a deck of cards. Put your game hat on and join the fun!

Cursive & Calligraphy Club

Learn the art of lettering! Wish you could read and write cursive? Now you can! We will work on simple print and script to create beautiful cursive. Once mastered, we’ll spend time learning the art of calligraphy. Your designs, letters, invitations, whatever you want will become works of art through the art of lettering!

Chess & Checkers

Chess and Checkers club members will experience chess/checker instruction and play in a fun-filled environment designed to improve skills whether interested in casual or competitive chess/checker play. This club includes a mix of classroom instruction and practice sessions.

Coloring Club

Do you enjoy doodling or coloring for fun? Do you love to decorate your binder or notebooks with markers or crayons? Join the Coloring Club where you can sit back, relax, and just take pleasure in coloring fun and exciting pictures!

Computer Games

Do you love all the different computer games on cool-math.com? Let's be honest, most of them have nothing to do with math! Spend your club days in a relaxing environment where you can play games on the cool-math website either by yourself or with a friend. Please note, this club is about the games on cool-math.com, not other computer games or websites.

Crafts Club

If you have a flair for the creative and enjoy making things, the Crafts Club is for you! We will make lots of fun arts and crafts this year. This club is open to any BCMS student, and no experience is needed. The fee to join is $2.00.

Creative Writing/Blogging Club

Do you like the idea of writing for fun instead of a grade? Do you enjoy hearing about the adventures of others or writing about your own? No matter how good or bad a writer you may think you are, the Creative Writing and Blogging Club is for you! We’ll have the chance to write, discuss, and create. All are welcome, and spelling doesn’t count!

Cross-Stitch Club

Enjoy creating beautiful cross-stitch ornaments and decorations! This club teaches students the basic cross-stitch skills that will enable you to continue creating unique pieces for years. The Cross-Stitch Club does require a fee of $5 in order to purchase cross-stitch supplies.

Debate Club

Do you enjoy discussing important issues and giving your opinion while you learn what others think? That is what we will do in the Debate Club. Using guidelines we develop based on other debate societies, the Debate Club members will choose topics important to them to research, discuss, and try to convince others of their point of view. This club is good for students who are strong speakers or those looking to get out of their shells in a safe environment. We are looking for students from all grade levels and backgrounds for lively discussion in the Debate Club. Join us! 

Drawing Club

Animals, people, landscapes, cartoons—what will you draw? Bring your drawing pad, colored pencils, and pens!  If you don't have a drawing pad, notebook paper is fine. Share your creativity and originality with others! Drawing is a great way to relax and visit with others while you see what you can create.

Drawing for People Who Can't Draw

Have you always wished you could draw but couldn't? This club will use YouTube tutorials to draw popular characters. Come and see what you are capable of!

Fear Not Club

The Fear Not Club is a student-led club designed to help members experience Christian fellowship, study the Bible, and provide opportunities to serve our school, our local community, and beyond. This club is open to anyone.

Fitness Club

The Fitness Club is for those students who are interested in health and fitness as a part of their everyday lifestyle. If you want to have fun exercising, learn about healthy eating, and improve your overall fitness, then this club is for you!

Games Club

Come join us for fun and friendly board game competition! We will play a wide variety of games during each club meeting. Take your pick and enjoy meeting new friends!  

Garden Club

Would you like to help maintain a relaxing and enjoyable garden in our courtyard? Do you have a fantastic, creative, and welcoming landscape plan for our front entrance? The Garden Club will help care for our current garden, plus work on adding new and interesting landscapes. Other areas of care will include the front of SJ and the vernal pool area. Students who join the Garden Club need to be willing to work with their hands and bring ideas for planting.

Jump Rope

Want some fun exercise while being social? The purpose of this club is to provide students with an opportunity to be active as they learn individual and cooperative jumprope skills. Any student who is interested may join. 

Latin Dance Club

In this lively club, we will explore different Latin rhythms, music, and dances such as Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Flamenco, Vallenato, and Bachata as well as traditional folk dances. So come get your toes tapping and your body moving to these beautiful Latin dances!

Maker's Space

If you’re creative and love computers, join the 3D Printing Club. After learning basic design techniques, club members will design and create unique 3D models.

Nail Art Club

Girls, do you love painting your nails and adding super cute nail designs? Well then the Nail Art Club is for you! We will be painting our nails and toes as well as adding designs and jewels. We will occasionally have snacks and treats, so be sure to let us know if you have any allergies. The fee to join this club is $3.00 in order to buy a variety of nail polish, jewels, and snacks.

Nature Club

Explore and help conserve the wonderful nature Virginia has to offer! Identify native plants and animals, enjoy nature walks, and find new ways to help conserve our wonderful resources. We will include a variety of activities, outdoor and indoor, to raise awareness and care for our earth.

Newspaper Club*

Do you like to express yourself through writing, photography, drawing, or even with your computer skills? Then the newspaper is the place to be. The BCMS Newspaper Club will keep our school informed of what's happening here at Bell Creek! This club will meet every Tuesday and is by application only. Students must submit applications by October 1 in order to be considered. 


Are you crafty and creative? Let’s spend some time together exploring Pinterest for easy, do-it-yourself projects to decorate your room, make gifts for friends, or just to have fun! We will make a few projects and bookmark others that are interesting enough to create on our own.


Puzzled about which club to join? Come join us in the Puzzle Club and have some fun putting all the pieces together with your friends. This is a low key, no stress, fun club so make sure to sign up! 

Recycling Club

This club is in charge of the Cartridges for Kids recycling program at Stonewall. Students will collect and mail items for recycling. Students will also be responsible for emptying the recycle bins around the building.

Rubik's Cube Club

Have you ever wanted to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube? This club is for anyone who wants to learn how to solve for the first time or who wants to work on their speed. BCMS will also be sending a team to a regional competition this spring, and this club is a great place to sharpen your skills. Don't worry—anyone can learn how to solve!

SCA Executive Committee*

The SCA Officers' Club is reserved for SCA officers for the current school year. To become a member of this club, you must run as a candidate in the SCA election and be elected by the SJ student body. 


Join us to create your own mini-scrapbook, stamping, cards, and bookmarks. You may need to provide some of your own supplies for this creative outlet.

Sign Language Club

Open to all interested students, the Sign Language Club’s purpose is to promote learning and understanding of sign language, including the alphabet, numbers, food signs, and basic conversational signs. Come learn a new language and have fun! Did you know that babies can use sign language too? We'll not only learn American Sign Language, but we’ll also learn how to modify ASL signs for babies.

Spirit Club

“Spirit spirit, let’s hear it!” Would you like to help recognize the extracurricular activities that you and your classmates are a part of here at BCMS? Would you like to spread good cheer throughout the school through the power of positive words? Then this is the club for you! We will be making locker decorations/signs for those involved in extracurricular activities such as the school play, Reading Olympians, sports, etc. as well as writing positive messages for students and staff members alike. The Spirit Club will also be working with the SCA to help advertise SCA-sponsored activities such as school dances. You will need to bring markers, glue, scissors, creativity, and a smile to each club meeting. This club does have a fee of $3.00 so we can buy materials to make signs and other fun, creative things that we come up with! Come join the fun!

Sudoku Club

Do you enjoy puzzles? Have you ever tried a Sudoku? Whether you're a Sudoku whiz or just want to try a new type of fun and challenging puzzle, give the Sudoku Club a try! We will have fun as we learn to work on our Sudoku puzzles. 

Walk & Talk

Walking is great exercise for your heart and leg muscles and talking is great exercise for your brain! So if you want a good workout, this is the club for you! You will need comfortable shoes and (sometimes) a jacket for cooler weather. Come out and make new friends!

World Culture Club

Hola! Bonjour! Guten tag! Ciao! Ola'! Namaste! Hello! Marhaba! Salaam! Konnichiwa! Do you like learning about different cultures? How about listening to music and learning dances from different countries? What about learning key phrases in a different language or learning about a country's folklore and holidays? If you are ready to "travel" to a different country and immerse yourself in the culture, then you need to bring your passport to World Culture Club! Bon voyage, mes amis!


Chill out, stretch out, create strength, and have fun while learning a little yoga! We will learn ways to relax and feel calm. Wear comfy clothes you can move in each time we meet. You will only need a yoga mat, which you can purchase at most places for around $12.00–$20.00 (A $12.00 mat works the same as a more expensive one. Just make sure it's a "sticky mat.") No shoes required! 

*These clubs are pre-determined by invitation, application, or audition only.

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